Buttercup is a 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 and when she came to us she’d been treated to many new panels. The old rusty bonnet was still in place but a brand new item came with the car. The first job was to fit the new bonnet and sort the panels gaps between bonnet, door and body.

With that done she was thoroughly sanded to give a key for the new paint. The doors were removed to aid painting. The bonnet will also be painted off the car.

Next it was time for a light grey primer and then Inca Yellow base. I did the interior and boot first masking off the rest of the car to prevent overspray getting onto previously painted panels.

While the car was masked I went on to clear coating the interior. This just saved time.

I then masked off the painted areas and painted yellow base onto the rest of the panels including the bonnet and doors.

With the base colour dry the whole car was clear coated. It received four coats before being cooked for an hour at around 65 degrees C.

The panels were then polished and delivered to a grateful customer!