1983 Mini Mayfair

We love a classic Mini! This one hasn’t run for 10 years but we’re bringing her back to life. Click the image to see how we’re getting on.

1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV

Bought as an unfinished project. No electrics, no glass and badly fitted rear wheel arches. Currently being restored. Click the image for further information.

1971 Triumph Spitfire Mk3

The bodywork on this rare Mk3 is rust free but in a pretty bad way with some shocking past ‘repairs’. She’s currently being restored to her former glory. Click the image for more information.

1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500

We bought our 1977 in 2011 as a daily driver and has been upgraded gradually over the years. She will be available to buy soon.

How To Build A Fast Road Spitfire

I’ve had a 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 for a long time but for 20 years it has sat in pieces. Now it’s time to rebuild her as something a little bit special.

1974 Triumph Spitfire MkIV

Our second MkIV was apparently just about to go for paint but it’s far from ready for that! It’s going to be a stunner when it’s sorted though! Click the image to find out more.

1968 Triumph Spitfire Mk3

The Spitfire Mk3 is undeniably a very pretty car so when we found this sad little 1968 example we had to save her. Click the image to follow along on her road back to her beautiful best.

1991 Mazda Eunos Mk1

We’ve part-owned this fabulous little car for a few years and she’s in regular use. The only time she ever broke down wasn’t her fault. It turned out to be an embarrassing case of an empty tank! However she now has a few bodywork issues and it’s time to sort those out.

1994 Toyota Celica GT

Another Japanese car we part own but wow, what a car! It runs like a dream and makes the most incredible noises! However we want to make it even better by shedding a little weight and improving some untidy bodywork. Click the image to see how we’re getting on.

1982 Land Rover Series 3 ‘Bob’

Bob is our trusty Series 3 Landy and he’s now part of the family. It’s taken quite a bit of work to get him safe and reliable but I now rely on him everyday. Click the pic to see what improvements we’ve made since he joined us.

1972 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet Repairs & Respray

This elegant and very rare Peugeot came in for a respray but it soon became apparent that it was far from ready for one. Most lower areas needed significant repair before it could be readied for paint. Panels are hard to come by and so most areas were recreated from sheet metal.

MG Midget Recommissioning

This lovely little MG Midget failed an MOT and has numerous suspension and bodywork issues. The customer wants to spend a little now and again and so we will first tackle the MOT suspension failures as the car is in regular use and needs to be safe.