Here’s a short summary of the projects we’ve worked on for our lovely customers:

Reattaching Broken Bumper On Mercedes A Class

The front bumper attachments on this little Mercedes had snapped following a few ‘unfortunate mishaps with several high curbs’! The customer wanted to avoid having to buy a brand new bumper and so asked if we could somehow fix the bumper another way. We were able to use new bolts to replace the broken plastic connections and hold the bumper back on as it once was.

x11 2.5m Posts For Garden Screen Company

Not every customer has a car project. This project involved painting 11 2.5m circular metal posts Satin Moss Green for a local garden company. The posts needed a thorough clean before being given a ‘key’ for the paint to stick to, primer and top coat.

Peugeot 504 Cabriolet Bodywork Repairs & Respray

Several of our customers like to leave a car with us to work on in stages with a set budget per month. This is one of them, a 1972 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet. Only 8000 of these were made in right hand drive and there can’t be many left now. This one originally came in for a respray but needs a fair bit of panel repair first. We are tackling one corner at a time starting with the left hand side which seems to be much worse than the right. It came in without its engine or seats to ease painting of the engine bay and interior.

Gearbox Change For MG Midget

This cute little MG Midget needed a new gearbox and the only way to replace one is by removing the engine and bringing it out through the engine bay. While we were at it we replaced worn lever arm dampers and track rod ends. Once the engine and new gearbox were back in we found a water leak from the coolant return pipe, which was quickly replaced, and a fuel leak from the float bowl overflows. The fuel leak was a result of no fuel filter and a lot of accumulated dirt in the float bowls. A filter was added, the bowls cleaned thoroughly and the needle valves and seats replaced.

A Polish For A Land Rover

This Land Rover Defender was off to a wedding and needed a good polish. The drivers door had also been badly painted and needed reviving. Unfortunately the door had been painted in 2K whereas the rest of the car was done in base & clear. The colour was a good match but from some angles the different types of paint was obvious. The polish helped a lot though and with the rest of the car nice and shiny the Landy will look the part on the big day.

Respray For Buttercup The Spitfire

Buttercup is a 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 and when she came to us she’d been treated to many new panels. The old rusty bonnet was still in place but a brand new item came with the car. The first job was to fit the new bonnet and sort the panels gaps between bonnet, door and body. With that done she was thoroughly sanded to give a key for the new paint and cleaned prior to primer and Inca Yellow paint.